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Herbal Tea - Sleep

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Herbal Tea - Sleep
Herbal Tea - Sleep
Herbal Tea - Sleep

Sleep is an Ayurvedic blend that helps you to unwind and prepare for a restful day or night.

Chamomile was described in ancient medical writings and was an important medicinal herb in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Today, chamomile is used to combat sleeplessness, anxiety, and gastrointestinal conditions such as gas, upset stomach, and diarrhea. - - - NIH National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Sleep is a refreshingly floral blend with cinnamon and citrus top notes.

Ingredients: organic chamomile flower, organic gotu kola leaf, organic orange peel, organic lavender flower, organic cinnamon bark, organic licorice root and organic cardamom seed.

2 ounces/56 grams

Brewing: 1) Heat fresh, filtered water to a boil. 2) Add 2 grams/heaping teaspoon to a T-Sac, tea infuser, or straight into a mug. 3) Pour the heated water into the mug. 4) Steep for 5-7 minutes. 5) Strain tea leaves, or remove the infuser. 6) Sip and enjoy your tea time.

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